Albuquerque Journal articles in the October 5, 2020 Business section highlight Emera Technologies test of its microgrid at Kirtland  Air Force Base. Since last December a row of houses, each with rooftop solar panels and batteries, and controled by a smart system that balances demand and supply, have provided 250 kW of power around the clock.  Emera envisions neighborhood sized microgrids called BlockEnergy Smart Platforms to manage the output of uniform sets of solar panels.  It’s a win all around. Utilities don’t have to integrate a lot of differnt systems and customers don’t have to pay out-or-pocket cost for the systems and.  Moreover, microgrids bring the source of energy to where it is consumed, reducing tranmission line losses, and they are more stable in blackout situations that those recently experienced by California.

Emera unveils new microgrid technology at Kirtland AFB

Microgrid includes built-in safeguards

KAFB provides Emera grid a test run