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Federal Solar Tax Credit Extended

Congress also allocates funds for renewables and energy storage R&D; Directs Interior Department to set goal of at least 25GW of solar, wind and geothermal production on public lands by 2025 Photo from Affordable Solar Federal tax credits for solar installations...

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Oct. 14 Electrify New Mexico On-line Conference

In a continued dialogue of advancing a statewide clean energy economy, New Mexico State University invites interested individuals to join a discussion on beneficial electrification. The discussion will focus on new technologies, related opportunities and challenges,...

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Facets of NMSEA

Supporters of Community Solar?
Should NMSEA be supporting this effort as well?
Are Electric Cars the Future?
Electric cars have burst in to the car industry within the past decade now representing over a 5% market share in Britain. Huge strides have been made in technological advancement in this time, which is making electric cars more and more affordable however, are they really the future?
National Solar Tour 2020
In place of our Solar Fiesta we offer virtual tours around the country.
R1T - Rivian
Downpayment on your next new truck! over 400 mile range.
NM Solar Energy Association
Check out our new youtube videos!
Earth Masters
We teach how to fix the mess, mitigate the situation, and prepare for the new Earth.
2019 Legislative Movers
Follow link for daily progress.
Investors in the Clean Energy Future
Investing in a Clean Energy future in NM
RE Educators
ACE is the place for the SunChasers' base!
Solar (PV) Installers
Local NM Companies. These are all homegrown and work in various parts of our state.
Solar Coaches
Sun for All and All for Sun. Bringing solar to ALL the people, one community at a time.
Talking with family & friends about climate change
From a local UNM student. Get those conversations happening! And make sure to include how great it will be to be part of the solution and breath fresh clean air again.
Solar Inventors
Solar cooker made from recycled plastic sign and interior of potato chip bags (Baked of course). Roasting chile?! Notice the solar dryer in the background. Mark Chalom, Solar Pioneer
Supporters of Public EV charging ABQ to Carlsbad, NM organized by Christopher Dizon
NM organized by Christopher Dizon. Crowdfunding and NOT waiting for utility companies and state.
Converters to Renewable Energy Hub
Wind in in Four Corners!
Solar Water Heating Seekers
We all want warm showers! Solar thermal systems have 80-90% efficiency compared to Solar Electric (PV). If roof space is an issue consider the age-old method of inviting the sun to do your heating.
A working group to handle the home envelope temperature variations. The site for this link, Archopotamus, is an architectural information repository and wonderful resource.
A Chapter of ASES
Vision: Lead the transformation to 100% renewable energy and sustainable living for all life on earth. It can only happen with the power of community.
From Steve Sargent, ASES fellow and retired DOE engineer.
Solar Educators
Electric and thermal!
Solar Fiesta Organizers
Earth Advocates
Solar Chefs
Science Fair Judges
Passive Solar Pioneers

NMSEA Updates

The Fixer
OMG! So funny and appropriate to call it Funny or Die! AND even more applicable as electricity is a clean power if made by clean renewable energy like wind, sun, geothermal, and hydro.
UNM’s Solar Splash Team Wins!
UNM’s Solar Splash team takes home multiple awards at international competition. The University of New Mexico’s Solar Splash team won 10 awards during the Solar Splash competition June 5-9, 2018 in Springfield, Ohio. They presented at our Speaker Series for some great networking and displayed at our 2018 Solar Fiesta.
NMSEA supports Environment Day
Board members and others helped make the day a great success for renewable energy which, BTW, is better than fossil fuel combustion for the environment. Period!
24-Hour Solar Energy
Molten Salt Makes It Possible, and Prices Are Falling Fast. How about it Four Corners region? Sell those clean electrons to California!
Solar (PV) Installers
List: Local NM Companies. These are all homegrown and work in various parts of our state.
ASES - Our Parent Organization
Solar Conference August 2018 in Boulder Colorado.
Utility Helps Wean Vermonters From the Electric Grid
I wonder if we could get PNM to become a B Corp?

NM Updates

Want To Ban New Gas & Diesel Cars? Look To Sweden To See How It’s Done
And we need to plan for no one wanting our oil and gas.
NM Climate Change Action - Dec 2019
In my opinion, Athena, it has a few flaws 1) low Methane impact since the 100 year comparison number of 25 x that of CO2 was used 2) No clear goals for anything except in electric generation. That said "As directed in the Order, the Interagency Climate Change Task Force submitted a report to the governor this fall, putting on full display our climate-conscious path forward as a state."
Fuel Cell Buses & Trucks
As a possibility for ART? Tie hydrogen production to the renewable portfolio standard? Can be made from water (clean) or traditionally from natural gas (yikes!)
Find community solar projects near you
Will NM pass the Community Solar Act this year? Cross your fingers.
Gov. Lujan Grisham signs Executive Order
She committed New Mexico to essential climate change action on Clean Energy Day at the Roundhouse.
NM Solar (PV) Installers
Local NM Companies. These are all homegrown and work in various parts of our state. This list is only a partial list.
KiloNewton LLC - One of those "other" Solar Companies
Our newest business member. We're looking at creating a Clean Biz Directory on this site.
PACE Fund NM - another one of those "other" solar companies
Investing in a Clean Energy future in NM. Much needed capital for projects.
California: A model for the world
Hey New Mexico! California passed and adopted a bill requiring 100 percent of the state’s electricity to come from carbon-free sources by the end of 2045! MIT touts, "California advances an ambitious climate policy that should be a model for the world!" We should do it too! Electric utilities become the hero.
New Mexico: Unearthed
Some beautiful footage of our state and thought provoking insight into our state's TRUE fossil fuel history. They recognize the benefits and TRUE costs.
California utilities race to charge your electric car, bus, forklift
We also have a chance with the VW Settlement monies. Contact our Environmental Department at or (505) 476-4300. Tell them: we want electrification, not more diesel or even natural gas! Cover the difference in cost and pay for charging infrastructure.
Solar Toolkit
U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico for local governments, power providers, Tribes, rural businesses, school, and jobs
Albuquerque goes Renewables!
With new mayor Tim Keller at the helm, we can finally move forward with a forward thinking plan.
PNM Real Time Renewable Energy
Serving PNM Customers Right Now. Updated in 15 min increments. Sun, wind and geothermal sources compared to usage.
Water is one big issue in the Southwest!
Gas and oil companies only want to talk about the $$$...for them. They tout the economic benefit, but again it's only for a few. In truth, fracking causes more problems than its worth especially considering the water usage in the very dry climate we call home. Fracking in our backyard? Better be prepared or your water's at risk. Go Solar!
Looking to enter our market with bonuses for sales!
climate change WILL impact U.S. economy, infrastructure and more
Scroll down to near the bottom. It's a lot of charts, but take a moment and use your noggin to see the writing on the wall. FYI Natural gas WAS the bridge. It's crumbling fast and we need to get to the other side! Clean renewable energy.

National Updates

Jack’s Solar Garden
Engaging art, agriculture and research...STEAM
Tesla Given Green Light To Generate Electricity In The UK
Ooops, thought it said U.S. But certainly makes sense for us here, as well, since Tesla is an American company.
Declining greenhouse gas emissions are The Daily 202's Big Idea
good news – and bad news. Coronavirus, U.S. , and France. Maybe we should adopt ecology, democracy, and solidarity for this 2020 election.
California: A model for the world
California passed and adopted a bill requiring 100 percent of the state’s electricity to come from carbon-free sources by the end of 2045! MIT touts, "California advances an ambitious climate policy that should be a model for the world!"
High-speed Rail
Fast, new system being built in Texas to link Houston and Dallas? Drops carbon emissions down 90% compared to driving, flying, and conventional rail. Add renewables?! Even better!
CSP instead of Coal or Nuclear
Let the sun make electricity on a utility scale with both electric generation AND storage capability. At our very own Sandia Labs.
Solar Plus Batteries Beat Out Natural Gas In Two US Electricity Markets
Hooray! We should insist there be ZERO new gas plants.
Harvard-Yale football game disrupted by student climate protest
Not sure American media covered this event.
R1T - Rivian for Truck lovers
Watch the video and imagine yourself in one. Taking preorders now for your adventure pleasures in second half of 2020...Next year! Can you believe it?
Australia has enough
solar, wind storage in pipeline to go 100% 2030?!
It looks like it could be the best energy investment South Australia made. Batteries for wind power.
U.S. Report Says Humans Cause Climate Change, Contradicting Top Trump Officials
Scientist speak up! Should we listen and take action? Or just find excuses to do nothing? NMSEA leads the action! Stop (fossil fuel burning), Drop (the shop til you drop attitude, and ROLL! (electrify cars, buses, and trucks)
American University is Carbon Neutral
UNM students want their campus to be powered by 100% Clean Renewable Energy. How can we help them?
MN Community Solar
Yes! Why not everywhere, especially NM!?

Earth Updates

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