Passive Solar

     NMSEA has deep roots in the “passive solar” approach to harnessing the sun’s energy.  Some of our past & current members have been recognized as Passive Solar Pioneers by the American Solar Energy Society.  In fact, as of 2013, ASES has made 32 Passive Solar Pioneer Awards – and 10 of them were to New Mexicans who were affiliated with NMSEA:

2012 Mark Chalom, New Mexico and Edna Shaviv, Israel
2008  David Wright, Grass Valley, California
1998  Bill and Susan Yanda, New Mexico
1995  Anne Dunning, New Mexico
1994  Edward Mazria, New Mexico
1991  Native Americans (esp in NM at Chaco Canyon & in the Four Corners area at Mesa Verde)
1989  Steve Baer, Zomeworks Corp, New Mexico
1985  Jeffrey Cook, Arizona State University
1984  J. Douglas Balcomb, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico
1983  Peter Van Dresser, New Mexico

     Passive Solar can be described as “making direct use of the Sun’s energy” by employing the most straightforward, economical & practical method possible.  “Elegant simplicity” is a passive solar design objective.  But “elegant simplicity” doesn’t just happen.  It requires a sophisticated understanding of the physics of energy, an appreciation of the local energy resources & requirements, and a broad set of practical skills honed by experience.

     Most often associated with Architecture and New Mexico’s classic “Passive Solar Adobe” designs, the passive solar approach encompasses almost every area of solar-centric design including solar hot water, daylighting, greenhouses & PV trackers.

Seriously Passive – “no pumps, motors or outside power”

NMSEA Members Researching Passive Solar Applications

Passive Solar Home Design Intro

Passive Solar Design PDF

Learn More (a lot more!)

     Here are some resources, developed by veteran NMSEA members, that you may find useful in your own exploration of Passive Solar.

Energy 101  (intro to Energy Physics)

A Passive Solar (Architecture) FAQ Sheet       1 page PDF

A Passive Solar (Architecture) Design Primer        8 page PDF

Detailed Passive Solar (Architecture) Design Guidelines for Northern New Mexico       10 page PDF