NMSEA Mission

The mission of this association is to educate, empower, collaborate, and advocate for clean renewable energy. NMSEA is a state chapter of the American Solar Energy Society. To learn more, click on the link below.
ASES Website

NMSEA Board Election

We have recieved 5 nominees for our board election: Athena Christodoulou, Gabriel Maestas, Sherrick Roanhorse, Andrew Stone, and Xubi Wilson. If you want to see the nominees and why they want to be a board member click on the button below.

ASES Annual National Solar Conference Deadline Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last day to submit your proposal so visit the site below to help get ideas on what to write. The conference will take place August 3-6, 2021 in Boulder, CO on the University of Colorado Boulder campus.

Send in your proposal(s) before January 15, 2021 at: ases.org/participate2021 or clicking on the button below

NMSEA Webinar Series

Kevin Cray is working with a local group of advocates to get enabling legistation for community solar passed in New Mexico. This event will be happening on January 8th at 5:00 PM. The zoom link to the event can be found by clicking below alternitavely you can go to Facebook live @NewMexicoSolar. More information about this event can be found here.

Projects at NMSEA

Sun Chaser

One of the projects that NMSEA will take up during this year is to build a new “Sun Chaser” flatbed trailer that can be hauled to different school campuses in and around Albuquerque and Socorro to demonstrate the concept of renewable energy along with energy storage concepts.

Our interns Gabriel Maestas and Dana Figueroa are hard at work researching and developing our Sun Chaser to help teach New Mexico about renewable energy. Find out more at the link below

Improving our membership

With over 200 active members we at NMSEA are looking to improve how we interact with our members. Our intern, Seth Sisneros, is working hard on finding out how to properly reach out to new members and help our current members keep up-to-date with NMSEA news such as webinars and other events.

Improving our Website

Our intern, Isaac Flores, is working on improving our website by making sure links work properly, improving visual quality of our website and adding events to our calendar and showing them to our front page.

Got ideas on how to improve our website or found a problem? Contact our intern at: isares197@gmail.com

Catch Up on Previous Events

Missed a webinar event? You can watch our previous broadcasts at our Youtube page where you can catch up on our previous events as well as our past Solar Fiesta events.

Join Our Association

Consider becoming a member to get access to membership meetings, notifications about events and webinars, and educational opportunities.

Help Us Promote Renewable Energy

Help us grow and achieve our mission by donating or if you want to help volunteer for future projects contact our president: nmseapresident@mail.swcp.com

Keep up on the latest NEWS

Go to our news section to check out what is happening in our state about renewable energy, past events, and other news around the world.