Well, there weren’t any animals unless you count the two-legged kind, but the students seemed to enjoy the morning’s experiences. We made a showing and will be invited back next year. We’ve included some photographs as this was a very hands-on and visual event.

NMSEA SunChasers' Trailer Sharing the Glory
Julie gave tours of the working SunChasers trailer. Both solar thermal and solar electric systems were working.
ACE Solar Exhibits
The young adults from ACE made these displays, including the solar still at the top of the stairway.
Bulldozer on Display
Some items were for viewing only. Big and impressive...gotta make it electric!
Virtual Training
Probably wise to begin on the virtual trainer before moving to the Real Deal.
The Real Deal
Giving it a try. Better than the sandbox version!
Crane game
We even got the chance to try our hands on the crane controls in a game called WBTP or "water bottle target practice"
Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department
We should try to get a real turbine blade for viewing next time.
Electric car and NMSEA Solar Oven
We came as big as we could. We even cooked some pizzas...not on the car hood, but in the oven.