Are you looking for training to get a job in renewable energy? The list below shows schools where you can get credentials and degrees focused on clean energy.

If you want to read more about clean energy jobs in New Mexico check out this document:NM_Clean_Energy_Workforce_Report. This report includes what the future holds for New Mexico about clean energy jobs. Such as tapping into the power of our State’s natural affinity to being sunny and windy with lots of land to make use of these renewable resources.

Solar Technology

Certificates & Associate Degrees

*CNM Electrical Trades: Photovoltaic Systems (certificate, AAS) 

*SFCC Solar Technology (certificate, AAS) 

UNM-Los Alamos Applied Technology, Solar TechnologyConcentration (AAS) 

NMSU-DACC Solar Energy Technology (certificate) 

NMSU-Alamogordo Photovoltaic Grid Tie (certificate) 

Bachelor’s Degrees:

 *Northern NMU Electromechanical Engineering: Concentration in Solar Energy

Wind Energy:

 Certificates & Associate Degrees

*Clovis CC Industrial Tech: Wind Concentration (certificate, AAS) 

Mesalands CC Wind Energy Tech (certificate, AAS) 


Certificates & Associate Degrees

*SFCC Sustainable Technologies: Biofuels (certificate, AAS) 


Energy Technology (includes solar, wind, energy efficiency):

Certificates & Associate Degrees:

SFCC Sustainable Technologies (certificate, AAS) 

NMSU-Alamogordo Renewable Energy (certificate, AAS) 

NMSU-Grants Energy Technology (certificate) 

NMSU-DACC Environmental and Energy Technologies (AAS) 

UNM-Taos Construction Technology:Green Technology (certificate) 

Northern NMU Renewable Energy (AAS) 

San Juan College Tribal Energy Management (AAS) 

Navajo Technical Univ. Energy Systems (AAS) 

*Western NMU Electrical Technology -Environmental Electrician (certificate, AAS)

Bachelor’s Degrees:

ENMU Electronics Engineering Technology, Renewable Energy Concentration (BS; BAAS online)


Note: NM Junior College and San Juan College offer Energy Technology programs that currently focus solely on extractive resources, but which could be adapted for clean energy technology applications in response to shifts in local demand.


Energy Conservation/Evaluation/Auditing


*SFCC Building Operator: Energy Efficiency (certificate) 

*SFCC Building Performance Analyst/Home Energy Rater (certificate)

NMSU-DACC Energy Auditing & Energy Conservation (certificates)


Hydrogen Power

Certificates & Associate Degrees

San Juan College Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy & Sustainability Hydrogen Power (in development)


Lithium-Ion Batteries:

Certificates & Associate Degrees

San Juan College, Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy & Sustainability Replacing and Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries (in development) 


Smart Grid & Micro Grid


NMSU-Grants Smart Grid (certificate)

SFCC Electrical, Smart Grid, and Micro Grid Technologies (certificate) 


Electric Vehicle Technician

Certificates & Associate Degrees

San Juan College Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy & Sustainability Electric Vehicle Technician (in development) 


Water Conservation and Treatment

Certificates and Associate Degrees

NMSU-DACC Water Technology (certificate, EPA Associate) 

SFCC *Water Treatment Operations (certificate, AAS) 

SFCC Water Conservation Technology (AAS) 

San Juan College Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy and Sustainability 

Water Security and Sustainability (in development)


Building Construction (with Green Emphasis): 

Certificates and Associate Degrees

*SFCC Green Building Construction & Green Building Systems (certificate, AAS) 

CNM Sustainable Building Technology (certificate) 

*NMSU Carlsbad Building Construction Technology (green curricular revision); (certificate, AAS)

*UNM Gallup Construction Technology (green curricular revision) (certificate, AAS) 

UNM TaosConstruction Technology: Green Technology concentration(certificate)

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This table below shows the some expected salaries depending on the occupation.

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This table below shows how many employees occupy which type of job