Are you looking for a solar installer, a passive solar designer or architect, or a sustainable product or service in New Mexico?  NMSEA’s Solar & Sustainable Directory is the place to start your search.  NMSEA isn’t the Better Business Bureau, but we do pay attention to the companies & organizations that we include in this Directory.  Many of them are affiliated with NMSEA as Business Members, and many of them are “regulars” at the NMSEA Solar Fiesta – so we know them.

See our current list of companies here:


Coming in 2016

Stay tuned for a Brand New Version of the NMSEA Solar & Sustainable Directory!

  • It will list more NM companies in all categories.

  • It will include additional NM city, county & state resources & contacts.

  • It will include info about additional RE & Sustainability related NM non-profit organizations.

  • It will be very easy to use.