We want more students to join our organization!

NMSEA thrives by virtue of the enthusiastic support and participation of its members! Joining NMSEA is a great way to get familiar with solar and renewable energy technologies, climate policy, and networking opportunities within the sustainability community in New Mexico and beyond. 

This is especially true for our student members as they are exposed to valuable information and experience with solar energy. We encourage our student members to participate in our events as this helps the NMSEA community grow and gives our student members experience to take with them for a career. Besides having the same access as our basic members, student members also get more resources and opportunities to take with them after college.

You qualify for a FREE NMSEA student membership if you are:

Note: Students enrolled full-time may choose any membership grade for which they are eligible, including “student member.”

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Free Resources for Students

Looking for a job after college? Receive a monthly newsletter of the latest openings and on our website of partner companies!

NMSEA student members can view our Free Webinars on topics such as local renewable energy growth and our upcoming educational events.

Networking Opportunities

Through our local outreach events, student members can begin building a network of colleagues in the New Mexico area and beyond. 

We plan several events throughout the year, such as at Solar Fiesta, to give student members a chance to participate in local outreach efforts and network with our various partner companies.