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Our Santa Fe Chapter of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association is about a lot more than just solar. In fact, we think our initials SFSEA really stand for the Santa Fe Sustainable Everything Advocates – and our mission statement refelects our members’ beliefs and actions along those lines:

​The mission of the Santa Fe Sustainable Everything Advocates, an NMSEA Chapter, is to make living sustainably the accepted norm. SFSEA will create public awareness and actions which establish Santa Fe and New Mexico as leaders in this effort. Members of the SFSEA will do this, individually and in concert, by outreach and education, participation and volunteerism in organizations and events, support of research and industry, and by example.

BLOG Spot – Do you have something to say regarding our chapter, local activities, sustainability? Then this Spot’s for you. You can submit a blog, up to 600 words (but we’re not counting) to and it will be posted here. Posted blogs will rotate through approximately once per month. This month’s blog is from Lawrence Israel, Solar Installer and Advocate.

We see a world full of species that look as if they could go on living indefinitely. If we believe this is possible, then we should be able to formulate this observation as some sort of law.  The easiest way to show how this law operates is by analogy with two common laws – the law of gravity and the laws of aerodynamics.

The law of gravity, simply stated, is that unsupported objects fall towards the center of the earth.  The laws of aerodynamics do not provide us a way to defy the law of gravity.  They simply provide us with a way of using the air as a “support” to counteract the effect of gravity.  The “sustainability law” we are looking for is like the law of gravity.  We cannot escape ultimate unsustainability, but our sense is that that there is a way of achieving a long-term freedom from it.  In other words, we believe that it is possible to build a civilization that essentially “flies.”​
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