Here are some answers to some possible questions you might have about becoming a board member.

Q: How much time am I expected to spend for activities related to NMSEA board position?

A: Time commitment for board participation:

  • An average of two hours per month for emails, reviewing documents, prepping for and participating in monthly board and committee calls.
  • An additional two hours per month for committee and/or event planning work.
  • Occasional help staffing a booth at events, conferences, etc. when Covid-19 restrictions end.


Q: Where can I find more information about NMSEA?

A: You can find more information about NMSEA at it includes our mission statement, who we are, and what we do.


Q: How do I become a board member?

A: We request your personal statement (maximum of two paragraphs) and an optional short video statement of interest (two minutes maximum) by January 4th. Send them to the Chair, election committee at:

Please write in the subject line of your email “Interested to serve in NMSEA board”. Once we get your personal statement, we will post it on our website on January 7th. Subsequently, our members will vote online during January 11th to January 15th. You will be welcomed at our virtual Annual Meeting, 5-7pm on January 25th.

Please make sure to provide your name and phone number in your email.

Please email your responses to


Q: What should I put in my personal statement and in the video?

A: NMSEA general members would like to hear from you on the following:

  • Please describe to the other Board of Directors what you have served on, such as volunteer work you have done, and/or other philanthropic experience.
  • What do you bring to NMSEA? (skills, talents, knowledge, etc.)
  • Why are you interested in serving on the NMSEA board?
  • Is there an existing NMSEA activity or activities you would like to participate in? Our current programs and activities can be categorized under Education, Empowerment, Collaboration, and Advocacy
  • Like all non-profit organizations, NMSEA faces fundraising challenges, and board members are expected to participate in fundraising. Please describe any fundraising experience you have, the average size of the fundraising projects you have worked on, and how your experience in fundraising can benefit NMSEA.
  • Innovative approaches to sales and marketing of NMSEA programs is also most welcome. Please describe your experience in sales and marketing and how these can benefit NMSEA.


Q: Who are the current board members?

A: Current NMSEA board members are:

  • Ashok Ghosh –  President
  • Lois Fuller – Vice President
  • Walter Gerstle – Treasurer
  • Athena Chrostodoulou – Secretary
  • Elena Kayak – Director, Santa Fe Chapter
  • Leila Salim –  Director, Planning
  • Tom Solomon – Director, Legislative Issues
  • Jayne Stewart – Director, Business Liasion
  • Stefi Weisburd – Director, Education Committee
  • Greg Crabtree – Director, Public Relation
  • Isaac Flores – Director, Communication