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Speakers Series – The talk your Co-op Does Not Want You To Hear!

Tune in to hear how Kit Carson Rural Electric Co-op (KCEC) achieved the lowest Co-op rates in New Mexico with 100% solar-powered electricity on summer days. Your co-op can too! KCEC not only built its own solar arrays to achieve the lowest co-op electricity rates in the state but did so by leaving Tri-State Transmission and Generation Association, Inc., the coal-heavy, Colorado-based co-op. Tri-State supplies electricity to almost all of New Mexico’s Rural Electric Co-ops. Solar-generated electricity costs one-third of the cost of coal-generated electricity. In this talk, Luis Reyes will explain how KCEC bought out its contract, inspired other co-ops to exit and is now able to supply its members with 100 percent renewable solar during summer days.