NMSEA Board member Stefi Weisburd was awarded a “STEMY” for Excellence in STEM by the Air Force Research Laboratory Tech Engagement Office on June 30 in a virtual event that included a keynote address and science experiment conducted by Miss America 2020 Camile Schrier. The awards honored 15 students, teachers, volunteers and other New Mexicans promoting science, technology, engineering and math education in New Mexico. Weisburd is the Pre-College Education and Outreach Manager in the School of Engineering at the University of New Mexico, where she designs outreach activities, orchestrates STEM events, places high school students in mentored research internships and helps run summer engineering camps. She works with several research grants including one on solar cells. She brings a unique perspective to mentoring and teaching STEM students with a MS in Applied Physics from Stanford, work as a policy analyst for the U.S. Congress and as a journalist at “Science News” magazine, and as the author of two books of poetry,
Barefoot (Boyds Mill Press, 2008) for children and The Windup Gods, winner of the St. Lawrence Book award.

A link to the ceremony can be found in the image below: