They came and we conquered!

We had 14 electric cars, an electric bike and an e-motorcycle! We were joined by NM Senator Bill Tallman (D-18), students from UNM who are building an electric race car, and one building a solar boat, as well as by representatives from PNM sharing their plan to make the Nissan Leaf available at a fleet discount. Tom’s 35min talk “Why Your Next Vehicle Should Be Electric” was recorded to YouTube here: . The powerpoint is posted on the 350NM web site:

And a big apology to the Cadillac and Tesla owners. Four of them came and I failed to get a single picture! Bad biker Momma, Athena!

Mitsubishi and Ted
Enough Said
Two Leafs or Leaves?
Leafs of course, but full EVs for sure!
State Bolt
State owned! And loved. Senator Bill Tallman in red shirt.
Biker Momma Athena
Notice the Volts behind her. Plug-in Hybrids for those needing to ease off gas.