Speaker Series

We have our Speaker Series meetings in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Silver City. As such check our calendar for the next speaker series date and topic.  We have three categories in our series: Thermablitz, PV-EV, and Living Fully Clean.

In one particular meeting we had short presentations on ways to keep cool in the ever increasing summer heat. From new space-inspired insulation to mini-splits and geothermal too, we covered it all with especial love for evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling allows low energy cooling using the phase change of liquid to vapor. We'll include heating and weatherizing in the mix, of course.
Living Fully Clean
We do promote solar AND sustainability. We've had one talk from a member pledged to be Fossil Fuel Free by 2023. If that scares you, think of it as embracing the clean energy future....for our children, of course!
For this meeting we collected as many electric vehicles including bikes and then heard from Tom Solomon, board member on the latest trends in the electric car world.

Contact us at events@nmsolar.org to add a partner event to our calendar.

What is a partner event? An instructional event offered by a partner organization offering more ways for you to begin creating your clean energy future.