Las Vegas Chapter

Sustainable Las Vegas is dedicated to fostering a sustainable local community and economy. Our primary goal is to promote increased use of solar and other renewable forms of energy, conservation of natural resources, and other sustainable practices. We provide education and expertise to the Las Vegas area on these issues.

Programs and Events

Sustainable Homes Tour
Sustainable Las Vegas will hosted its fifth annual Sustainable Homes Tour on Saturday, February 9 from 10 am until 4 pm. Key features of this year’s event were a passive solar home and workshop; residential photovoltaic (solar electric) systems; photovoltaic financing possibilities; a geothermal system (ground-source heat pump); energy efficiency; and an example of a commercial energy saving project. The self-guided tour will begin at the Las Vegas Arts Council building at 140 Bridge Street starting at 10 am where maps of the featured sites can be obtained. The each of the featured buildings can be viewed in any order and experts will be on hand to explain key features. SUSTAINABLE HOMES TOUR 2013 for details about the homes.

Previous Programs

Rocket Stoves Workshop
Sustainable Las Vegas gave a free, hands-on workshop on rocket stoves at the Las Tusas Ranch at 10 a.m. Saturday, January 28. Rocket stoves are a brilliant, low tech, low cost method of heating with small-diameter firewood (even twigs) efficiently and cleanly. The workshop coveedr basic theory, and will include building a functioning mini-rocket stove out of a number 10 can and three soup cans. Construction of a 16 brick rocket stove was also be demonstrated.

January : Sustainable Homes Tour. This year will be a free bus tour. Please reserve your spot early by calling Emelie at 454-3920. Solar Homes Tour for Details.

Recycling Fundraiser

We are currently collecting inkjet cartridges and cell phones as a fundraiser. They no longer recycle laser printer cartridges. Call Cheryl Zebrowski for pick-up: 718-6932

You can also support Sustainable Las Vegas by purchasing recycled cartridges at Planet Green.


2012 Sustainable Homes Tour


Las Vegas Sustainable Businesses

This is a listing of local green/sustainable businesses. Sustainable Las Vegas does not endorse any of the businesses listed on this page, but provides their names for informational purposes only. If you would like your business listed on this page, please contact Cheryl Zebrowski at



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