Clean Energy Investments​

2015 was a record year for global investment in clean energy, with $ 329 billion invested in wind, solar panels, biomass plants and more around the world. Fully one-third of the 2015 clean energy investment occurred in China. That country saw investments of $ 110.5...

Solar Goes BIG in California

The Desert Sunlight & Topaz Solar Farms, located in the Mojave Desert east of Palm Springs, came online in early 2015.  At 550 MW each, they are the two largest PV solar power plants in the world. The 377 MW Ivanpah Concentrating Solar-Thermal plant, located in...

RE Pushback

Hawaii has ended its Net-Metering policy, eliminating a major incentive for rooftop solar PV system owners. Arizona has imposed extra fees on grid-tied roof-top solar system owners. Nevada’s newly appointed Utility Commissioners approved severe retro-active...

Warmer, Warmest

​”Last year (2015) was the warmest year on record – by far”.  Piers Sellers, NASA Earth Sciences Director


The global temperature in July 2016 was the warmest ever recorded (ie since the late 1800’s).