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NMSEA SunTalks


     In 2011 NMSEA expanded its educational outreach efforts by creating a series of short audio clips called "SunTalks".   Written by Gary Vaughn and recorded by James Newton, these SunTalk episodes explore renewable energy related topics & ideas in an interesting & engaging way.  SunTalks are a purely auditory learning experience - like listening to the radio or a short talk on a smart-phone or an i-Pod.

     Each SunTalk is accompanied by a PDF text document which you can download & print & use to follow along with the recorded presentation.  The SunTalk documents are written at an 8th grade reading level, but the ideas & concepts that are presented are designed to appeal to "students" of all ages.

     In addition to building & deepening a student's understanding of the basic principles of "Energy" in general, and Solar & Renewable Energy in particular, the SunTalk audio & written materials can be used for:

  • sharpening listening skills

  • sharpening reading skills

  • improving coordination between auditory & visual learning modes

  • ESL  "enrichment"

  • home-schooling resources


if internet traffic-jams are slowing or stopping the streaming of these Talks - try this:

1)  move the slider to the left and click "Play" 

2)  Click "Pause" and wait a minute to give the file time to download.  A shadow slider moves right as the file downloads

3)  Click "Play"



 SunTalk #1 - Alternative Energy    4:52                                Download PDF



 SunTalk #2 - Renewable Energy    6:01                                        Download PDF



 SunTalk #3 - Solar Panels                 4:49                                Download PDF



SunTalk #4 - Seeing SunShine        6:22                                Download PDF



 SunTalk #5 - Feeling SunShine      5:25                                Download PDF