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Renewable New Mexico

NMSEA SunTalks

Using the KAW Meter
in the Classroom

Passive Solar:
NM's Gift to the World

PhotoVoltaics (PV)

​​​​​​​​​Wind Power (Solar in Disguise)

The NMSEA SunChaser Program

​RE Education Web Resources


​ Education    

Ever since NMSEA's founding in 1972, Educational Outreach has been a primary focus for our organization.  For over 40 years, NMSEA has delivered workshops, seminars & classes all around New Mexico covering such topics as passive solar architecture, solar thermal & PV theory & installation, bio-fuels, greenhouse design & construction, and energy efficiency.

     NMSEA members have written books, tutorials & lesson plans, magazine articles, and study guides about all sorts of Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy, and Sustainable Energy related topics.

    We have included some of these educational resources on this web-site, and we've included a long list of RE Education Web Resources too.  Use the quick-jumps on the left side of this page, and/or the category listings below to take advantage of this wealth of educational material.


Energy Foundations

     Energy 101


     Electricity 101


     Using the KAW Meter

a tutorial on Energy Physics


a tutorial on Electricity


a classroom lesson plan about Measuring Electricity


     Renewable New Mexico


     NMSEA SunTalks

     NMSEA YouTube Channel

a 13 part Video series featuring Energetic New Mexicans

 a 5 part Audio series of  "talks" about Energy Topics

a variety of informative presentations about a range of renewable energy related topics

​Focus: Solar & Renewable Energy

     Passive Solar


     Solar Hot H2O


     Solar Cooking


     Concentrating Solar


     PhotoVoltaics (PV)


     Bio-Mass  Bio-Fuel


     Wind Power

"Making Direct Use of the Sun's Energy"


Using the Sun to Heat Water


Sun Ovens - Cooking with SunShine


Focusing Heat from the Sun


Transforming SunShine into Electricity


Tapping into Nature's Stored Solar Energy


Harnessing the Wind (Solar Energy in Disguise)