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(a definition from

A cooperative arrangement in which two or more parties

(which may or may not have any previous relationship)

work jointly towards a common goal.


But there's a lot more to Collaboration than this simple definition suggests.

Collaboration is widely celebrated but only rarely achieved.

To learn more about what Collaboration really means

for a 501(C)3 like NMSEA, click HERE.


What are some of the ways that you can "collaborate" with NMSEA?

  • Go to a NMSEA Chapter Meeting (you don't have to be a member).

  • Subscribe to the NMSEA email "Blast" (you don't have to be a member). Volunteer to help out at a NMSEA event (you don't have to be a member).

  • Give a talk at a NMSEA event or write an article for the NMSEA SunPaper.

  • Make a donation to help support NMSEA's Mission & Activities

  • Join NMSEA.  Our Members Keep Us Going!

  • Volunteer at the NMSEA office in Albuquerque or at a local Chapter.

What are the ways that NMSEA Collaborates with other organizations?

  • Explore areas of common interest and/or overlapping goals.

  • Support mutually shared objectives & each organization's related events.

  • Share information & contacts between organizations.

  • Share newsletters, email "blasts" and list-serves.

  • Co-sponsor activities, initiatives and advocacy efforts.

  • Partner in organizing & managing events & programs.

  • Participate in a "coalition" of like-minded organizations.

  • Share financial responsibility for undertaking specific actions.

A Summary of Recent NMSEA Collaborations

Last Update :  Oct 2014  GV

 (most recent listing on top)



Sept 27   Fall 2014 Solar Fiesta at CNM Workforce Training Center    Abq

       A MAJOR collaborative effort between two unique organizations involving

       NMSEA; CNM administration, faculty & staff; and CNM students.

       Participants included NM Solar-related businesses plus representatives from

       Dona Ana Community College, EMNRD, NM Floodplain Managers Assoc,

       Northern NM Electric Vehicle Assoc, NM Wilderness Alliance, Interfaith

       Power & Light, Citizens Climate Lobby,, New Energy Economy &

       the Sierra Club.

The Fall 2014 NMSEA Solar Fiesta is a clear example of how NMSEA 

"walks its talk" when it comes to real "collaboration".

April 26  Spring 2014 Solar Fiesta at SFCC    Santa Fe

      Santa Fe Community College Co-sponsor (see April 2013 below)

Feb 5   Fossil Free Film Festival    Abq

      NM Climate Coalition & 350.ORG

      Co-sponsor & provide volunteers 



Dec 11    Meet re: the pending San Juan Generating Station/EPA agreement

      Organized by New Energy Economy - with many other orgs participating

Dec 3      REIA Annual Membership Meeting

      Two NMSEA Board members attended.  G Vaughn shared meeting notes.

April 27/28    2013 Solar Fiesta at Santa Fe Community College

       A MAJOR collaborative effort between two unique organizations involving:

       NMSEA; SFCC administration, faculty & staff; and the SFCC Solar Club.

       Fiesta speakers included representatives from the City of Santa Fe,

       the County of Santa Fe, Los Alamos County, the USGBC, the NM Green 

       Chamber of Commerce, Interfaith Power & Light, Renewable Taos,

       Sand River Co-Housing, Architecture 2030, Citizens Climate Lobby,

       New Energy Economy & the Sierra Club.

The 2013 NMSEA Solar Fiesta is a clear example of how NMSEA 

"walks its talk" when it comes to real "collaboration".