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Renewable Energy Incentives


There are a variety of Federal & State financial incentives available to home-owners & business-owners that are designed to "encourage" energy efficiency upgrades as well as the installation of renewable energy​ additions such as solar hot water and solar PhotoVoltaic systems.


These incentives include rebates, sales tax savings, renewable energy credits (RECs), net-metering, and income tax deductions.  Incentives vary from state to state, and some of them vary depending on which electrical co-operative or utility supplies your electricity.


Most of these incentives are tied to specific state or federal statutes with "use by" dates.  And, of course, statutes can be modified and/or amended, and the specific amount of $$$$ involved can, and often does, change with time.


Here are links to websites that will give you the latest information & status on the incentives that are available to you:


 DSIRE Website Incentive Summary for NM

 NM Energy Conservation & Management Division Website

 PNM Webpage describing PNM's program & current REC payments for new grid-tied PV systems

 City of Santa Fe Solar Incentives

 City of Albuquerque Solar Incentives