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The foundation for serious Advocacy efforts is accurate & reliable INFORMATION.


     Being well-informed takes commitment & work.  Energy-related issues are complex, often highly political and/or ideological, and almost always closely tied to state & national economic interests and global environmental issues.

     In New Mexico, the Public Regulatory Commission (PRC) regulates all public utilities & electric co-operatives.  "Hot" energy issues & initiatives in NM often center on PRC interpretations & decisions with respect to NM State statutes.  The State Legislature writes the statutes - the PRC interprets & implements them.

     It's important to keep in mind that "official" documents & testimony submitted to the PRC by Utilities and/or other lobbying organizations are designed to influence PRC decisions in favor of a particular position or legal outcome that is advantageous to that particular utility or organization.  PRC submittals & testimony should not be assumed to be "fair & balanced" & objective.  Each party is arguing its case, as best it can, to favor its own objectives.  The arguments are sometimes intentionally confusing, misleading & even inaccurate. 

     The current "hot energy-related topics" listed below include links to "official" PRC documents and/or related articles that have appeared in the NMSEA SunPaper.


The 2014 PNM IRP (20 yr Integrated Resource Plan Update)

  • If you're short on not-so-light reading material, here's the link to the 2014 PNM IRP document – all 203 pages of it.

    The PRC requires PNM to go thru this "Planning" exercise every 3 years.

    The result isn't new rules or regs, just PNM's take on what the future holds.

    It can be fascinating reading because it occasionally reveals what PNM executives really think about all this RE & energy efficiency stuff that they're being "forced" to comply with.

  • For background information, here's a link to a SunPaper article about the 2011 PNM IRP

The 2014 PNM Rate Case

  • PNM always requests a big rate increase.  The PRC always gives them less than they ask for.

  • The PV Interconnect Rate Rider Zombie Returns!  This could kill residential PV in NM.

  • We will include a link to the 2014 PNM Rate Case proposal as soon as it is publically released

The San Juan Generating Station/EPA Settlement

The Pushback Against Energy Efficiency & RE in NM & across the Country

  • The Martinez Admin appointed NM Construction Industries Commission rolled back building energy efficiency standards adopted by the previous Commission.

  • The Martinez Admin appointed NM State Environmental Improvement Board rolled back the modest requirement to reduce CO2 emissions passed by the previous Board.

  • The NM PRC attempted to cut NM Renewable Portfolio Standards for PV in half in late 2013.

  • ​Here is a link to a SunPaper article about the Utility Lobby's efforts to reverse RE mandates