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Where Does New Mexico Get Most of its Energy??


From the Sun !!        Always Has - - - Always Will


Earth Update


Warmer, Warmest

​"Last year (2015) was the warmest year on record - by far".

  Piers Sellers, NASA Earth Sciences Division Director

Big Changes

"The biggest change we will see in the next 25 years is the transition to a low-carbon energy future".
       Jules Kortenhorst, CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute

Warming Not Paused

Climate researchers from the US National Center for Atmospheric Research stated that it is a myth that global warming has paused.  There is now solid scientific evidence that the world's oceans have been absorbing more than 90% of the excess heating of the planet.  In early 2015, several of the most prestigious scientific organizations in the world reported that 2014 was the hottest year ever recorded, ocean temperatures are increasing rapidly, and ocean levels are rising faster than expected.

COP 21

The COP21 "summit" in Paris resulted in a “historic” multi-nation agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a voluntary agreement, but a framework will be established to measure & report each country’s emissions & progress in reducing them.

Solar Update


Federal Tax Credits

An extension of the Federal renewable energy tax credits was passed as a part of the Dec 2015 Federal budget deal. This will result in significantly more solar & wind capacity being installed in the US.

Clean Energy Investment

2015 was a record year for global investment in clean energy, with $ 329 billion invested in wind, solar panels, biomass plants and more around the world. Fully one-third of the 2015 clean energy investment occurred in China. That country saw investments of $ 110.5 billion last year. The United States was second with $ 56 billion.

PV Goes BIG in California

The Desert Sunlight & Topaz Solar Farms, located in the Mojave Desert east of Palm Springs, came online in early 2015.  At 550 MW each, they are the two largest PV solar power plants in the world. 

California RE Standards

California currently gets 20% of its energy from renewables, and is on-track to reach 33% by 2020.

Ivanpah Solar Electric Gen Station On-line

The 400 MW Concentrating Solar-Thermal plant, located in the Mojave Desert, officially opened in mid-Feb, 2014.  Ivanpah uses a "power-tower" design.

NM Update


NM PRC Decisions

​The NM Public Regulatory Commission regulates all public utilities in New Mexico.  On Dec 16, 2015 the PRC approved the final San Juan Generating Station Plan to meet EPA pollution rules. Hearings on the 2015 PNM Rate Case will begin this March.  For more info about both of these cases go to our Advocacy Page.

NM State Legislature

The 2016 30 day “Short Session” will begin Tuesday, Jan 19. There will be a strong effort to get the legislature to renew NM’s RE Tax Credit (again), with the hope that Governor Martinez won’t veto it (again). NM's 10% tax credit for residential solar will expire at the end of 2016.

Wind Turbines Installed near Grady, NM

The 19.2 MW Wind Farm south of Grady (NE of Las Vegas, NM) is operational.  There are currently no businesses in Grady.  The wind farm will be a major economic boost to the community.  The electricity will be sold to an Electrical Cooperative in Oklahoma (NM utilities were not interested).  New Mexico has a dozen commercial wind farms in operation and more under construction.  None are owned or operated by PNM.

NM Geothermal Plant On-line

A 4 MW Geothermal Electric Generating Plant near Animas, NM officially opened on Dec 24. 2013.  PNM is buying the electricity in order to comply with NM's RPS non-wind/solar mandate. 

​NMSEA Update


​The Latest NMSEA Videos on YouTube

The full 13-part Renewable New Mexico Video Series plus information-packed Seminar Presentations from the Spring & Fall 2014 Solar Fiestas are now on the NMSEA YouTube Channel. Take a look by selecting the NMSEA YouTube Channel link.

NMSEA Local Chapters

Local NMSEA Chapters in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Silver City, Alamogordo, Los Alamos, Las Vegas and Taos participate in community events & organize monthly meetings.  Check out the What's Happening - News & Events link and the NMSEA Chapters link for more info.


​NMSEA is an active State Chapter of the

American Solar Energy Society.

We encourage all of our members to join ASES. 

ASES is offering a discount on combined ASES & NMSEA memberships!  Check out the ASES Website link for details.