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Where Does New Mexico Get Most of its Energy??


From the Sun !!        Always Has - - - Always Will



Earth News


​Climate-Change Effects Unavoidable

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations are at 400 ppm and rising.  New Mexico will probably be getting even dryer.

Warming Not Paused

Climate researchers from the US National Center for Atmospheric Research stated that it is a myth that global warming has paused.  There is now solid scientific evidence that the world's oceans have been absorbing more than 90% of the excess heating of the planet.

Solar News


Ivanpah Solar Electric Gen Station On-line

The 400 MW Concentrating Solar-Thermal plant, located in the Mojave Desert, officially opened in mid-Feb, 2014.  Ivanpah uses a "power-tower" design.

NM News


Wind Turbines Installed near Grady, NM

The 19.2 MW Wind Farm south of Grady (NE of Las Vegas, NM) is nearing completion.  There are currently no businesses in Grady.  The wind farm will be a major economic boost to the community.  The electricity will be sold to an Electrical Cooperative in Oklahoma (NM utilities were not interested).  New Mexico has a dozen commercial wind farms in operation and more under construction.  None are owned or operated by PNM.

NM PRC Decisions

​In Nov 2013, without any public disclosure or hearings, the NM PRC slashed the RPS Diversity mandates for PV by a factor of 2, and for non-wind/solar by a factor of 3.  In early Jan 2014, under growing public pressure, the PRC reversed the PV mandate cut, and voted to cut the non-wind/solar mandate by "only" a factor of 2.  Then the PRC recended the Diversity mandate changes and proposed new hearings!

NM Geothermal Plant On-line

A 4 MW Geothermal Electric Generating Plant near Animas, NM officially opened on Dec 24. 2013.  PNM is buying the electricity in order to comply with NM's RPS non-wind/solar mandate.  Gov Martinez touted the project, even tho her administration fully supported the PRC's Nov 2013 decision to slash the RPS mandates.



2014 Spring Solar Fiesta

Santa Fe Community College  Sat April 26  9:00 - 5:00

Go to for all the details.

Los Alamos Chapter

Chapter Leader David Griggs retires & moves to Mexico

The new LA Chapter Leader is Karen Paramanadem

Albuquerque Chapter

Next Chapter Meeting is April 22  6:00-8:00PM at REI

Make a date with UNM Prof Olga Lavrova, & learn about the UNM Solar Decathlon "SHADE" house, and the future of Solar. 


​NMSEA is an active State Chapter of the

American Solar Energy Society.

We encourage all of our members to join ASES. 

ASES is offering a discount on combined ASES & NMSEA memberships!  Check out the ASES website for details.

Solar 2014, the ASES National Solar Conference, will be held July 6-10 in San Francisco.


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